How to rock the athleisure trend successfully

If you love the idea of being comfortable while looking stylish, you need to embrace the athleisure trend. This trend perfectly combines ready-to-wear sportswear with good looks.

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With tracksuits and trainers already being touted as the future of office wear, it is safe to say that athleisure is quickly becoming the accepted option for men at work and at play. If you want to find out how to rock this trend, keep reading. Our top tips will ensure you stay comfortably stylish at all times.

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Keep it neat

Athleisure gives you the opportunity to pair chinos or jeans with athletic-style fasteners and fabrics. However, you do need to keep it neat at all times. Make sure that your tops and pants are devoid of creases and that you don’t look sloppy. Your clothes should all fit well, even if they are also suited to the gym.

Invest in a bomber jacket

If you’re worried that you look a little too casual for work, invest in a bomber jacket. This is the epitome of athleisure wear and although it is less smart than a blazer, it is still stylish and adds a little more flair to your outfit.

Mix and match

The key to not looking too casual is to mix athleisure pieces with farah shirts and other casual items from your wardrobe. If you wear a shirt like one of those available at and match it with a pair of well-fitted sweatpants, you’ll look good and feel great, too.

Wear trainers

If you want to tone your look down a bit, opt for trainers. These are the ultimate athleisure shoes, and they can make any outfit look a little more cool and casual. Retro-style canvas sneakers are just as good of a choice as the more sporty sneakers or high tops.

Pop on a polo shirt

Polo shorts are incredibly diverse, and they are perfect for any man wanting to rock the athleisure trend without wearing a T shirt. Polo shirts have a sporty look to them, but they also look a lot smarter than a T-shirt because their collar and buttons make them a bit more formal. For a casual look, leave the buttons undone; if you want to add a bit more of a smart factor, close them up to the neck.

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